Teamwork: Simply stated is less 'me' and more 'we'

We take our recruitment seriously because we pride ourselves the team culture that we have developed. As part of our team, you can be assured that you will be working in a happy positive environment. More than 25% of our workforce have been with Alsco Uniforms for 10 years or more.  We'd like you to get to know some of our team, and the roles they perform within the business.
Meet Jessica - Service Delivery Supervisor
Meet Fia - Production Team Member (50 Year Anniversary)

Why do people join the Alsco team?

Alsco Uniforms aims to create an inviting workplace that prioritises the safety and well-being of its members. As industry leaders in employment conditions, we take pride in treating our employees with respect, embracing diversity, and offering superior benefits.

This includes competitive wages, guaranteed work hours, overtime rates, better conditions, regular pay reviews, family-friendly schedules, employee assistance programs, fair employment practices, and safe working environments.


Training and Development

We foster a culture of learning and organise a mixture of internal and external courses encouraging our employees to continuously upskill and gain nationally-recognised qualifications.

Health & Safety Awards

Safety is a key company value and each month we reward those who speak up actively create a safe workplace. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards and bonuses are rewarded for our safety legends.

Flu Vaccines

We organise annual on-site visits for team members to receive optional flu vaccines at no cost to each individual during work hours.

Long Service Recognition

To celebrate and recognise 10 years of working with us you’ll get an extra two weeks leave, one-off, on top of your normal annual leave. You’ll get an additional four weeks when you reach 20 years and six weeks when you reach 30 years. 

Flexible Working Hours

We provide a flexible working environment that supports achieving our goals & targets as a business alongside our team members’ commitment & responsibilities outside of work.

Employee Assistance Programme

Partnering with Vitae all employees have access to three free confidential counselling or advice sessions.

Sick Leave

We encourage team members to take a proactive approach to their physical and mental wellbeing. You have an annual sick leave entitlement of 10 days that accrues up to 30 days. 

Early Discomfort Physio

Alsco jobs can be physical so to look after our team members all staff have access to physio sessions to address any discomfort early and prevent injuries.

Period Product Access At Work

We provide free period products in all team member bathrooms across all locations. This is part of our commitment to period product access and reducing period poverty.

Employee Discount / Reward Programme

Partnering with PERKs we offer all our employees access to a wide range of discounts including but not limited to retail stores, petrol, gym memberships and gift cards.