Connecting with our Community

Alsco is proud to be an active supporter of our local communities, helping a wide range of not for profit, spoting and local community organisations and initiatives. Alsco has initiated programmes for resale, recycle and redistribution of linen, textiles and first aid supplies, here in New Zealand and also overseas. 

Our Contributions

Alsco is extremely proud of our record of charitable donations and contributions to organisations that work for the betterment of our communities and neighbourhoods. We support a wide range of organisations, such as sports clubs and welfare organisations that attend to the needs of those Kiwi's that do not enjoy the sort of lifestyle that many of us take for granted. 
You can see all the organisations we currently support by clicking here.

Alsco Repurposing

In terms of charitable donations, nothing makes Alsco prouder than our gifting program, which began with the repurposing of useful first aid products that have reached their nominal expiry date. 

Giving Something Back

Early in 2017, Alsco joined with the exciting Million Metres Streams Projects. It's a three-year partnership that will help transform New Zealand's waterways. Mllion Metre's aim is to support communities to replant one million metres of New Zealand waterways by 2026. 
Each winter, Alsco staff join Million Metres teams at planting days around the country. Last year, Alsco staff, family and friends contributed more than 300 volunteer hours.